Welcome To Our Home


About Us

We breed British Shorthair cats in exclusive golden blue, silver and golden chinchilla colors. Our cattery doesn’t mass produce kittens. We don’t have a mountain of cages with cats in the dark corner of the basement. Our cats are a part of our family. They grow with our children. We feed our cats only human grade food. When we place our kittens into their forever homes we want to do it with the pride of knowledge that our babies do not have any medical or behavioral issue

You are welcome to visit us and meet our cats and kittens, however, we have certain criteria that we go by.

~ Only families that have placed a deposit are allowed visits.

~ Visits are allowed only after kittens have received their first vaccination (8 wks)

~ Only the kitten you have expressed interest in adopting, will be visited.

~ If children are brought, we respectfully ask that they be watched and well behaved.

~Buyers will be notified if there are any available remaining kittens, please Contact us to make an appointment to visit

We ask, for the safety of the kitten and our Cattery, that on the day of your scheduled visit, you not have any other previous appointments with other Catteries, or Shelters…

About Our Kittens


Because our cattery is home based, we have no special “facilities” for our cats. Visiting our cattery is visiting our home. Our females and males live with us as a part of the household. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and are under a constant supervision. They are handled and well socialized from birth through to the time they leave.

Our Vision

We are specializing in British cat breeds only . The cattery is set on 5 acres in a secluded area where it is peacefully quiet.

Our Mission

We aim to produce happy and healthy kittens of show quality and welcome prospective buyers to come visit our cats and/or kittens to choose their new family member.

Core Values

The cattery is set on 5 acres in a secluded area where it is peacefully quiet. We fell in love with this breed and how it combines the aristocratic personality and elite appearance. We really enjoy raising the kittens and grow with the experience we continue to gain.