All  kittens sold comes with a 3months health guarantee. But Within 10 days of  purchasing your new kitten, you must take him/her to a licensed  veterinarian for an examination. If the veterinarian examines , within  10 days of purchasing, that your cat is clinically ill or has died from  an injury sustained or illness likely to have been contracted on or  before the date of purchasing and delivery, you have the following  options:

– Return the cat for a complete refund.
– Return the cat for a replacement cat of equal value.
– Retain the cat and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, not exceeding the adoption price.

These options do not apply where a owner, who has provided a health  certificate issued by a veterinarian, discloses in writing at the time  of sale the health problem for which the adoptee later seeks to return  the cat. If, within 30 days of purchasing, a licensed veterinarian  determines that your cat has a congenital or hereditary defect which  adversely affects the animal’s health or that your cat died from a  congenital or hereditary defect, you have the same option as outlined  above. You must notify the owner of the examining veterinarian’s name,  address & phone number within 2 days of the vet’s certification of  your cat’s illness. Failure to notify the owner within 2 business days  will result in forfeiture of rights.

By purchasing a kitten from us, you agree to the following:


1. The kitten will be taken to the vet promptly. You should make sure  that he/she is healthy and doesn’t need a vet’s attention. We request  that this initial visit be within 48 hours of the kitten’s arrival. This  is to ensure that there aren’t problems that have arisen from shipping,  and also so that your veterinarian is familiar with your kitten if a  situation arises.


2. We are not responsible for a kitten’s exposure to diseases after  they have left our possession within 3months. You should be careful where you take your  kitten and who handles it as well. The kitten should not be exposed to  previously infested disease areas or to places where a high level of  exposure to diseases is possible. Treat him/her as if she is a newborn  baby.


3. Validation of the guarantee requires examination of your kitten by  the vet of your choice and at your expense within 48 hours of its  arrival. This examination is expected to confirm that your cat was  healthy upon arrival. If the kitten is showing any sign of illness, it  should be taken to the vet immediately.


4. Your kitten, if shipped, has been through a vet check and has  received a health certificate. He/she has been through at least his  first shots and usually a series of shots before he/she has been  delivered to you. He has also been de-wormed, but this does not mean  that he is free of worms because young animals are especially  susceptible to worms, are exposed every time they touch the ground, and  worming is an ongoing process that will need to be continued once the  kitten is in your care. Your kitten will also need follow up shots. It  is very important that you follow up with shots and de-worming.


5. If the kitten has a vet diagnosed, congenital or hereditary  defect, that is a life-threatening condition, bring the breeder a vet  signed statement of the defect, and it will be replaced with the first  available kitten with the same value as soon as possible. The original  kitten must be returned before a new kitten can be delivered.


6. The breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills that the purchaser may incur regarding the purchased kitten.


7. This guarantee is null and void if the kitten is sold to a third party, and if normal precautions aren’t taken.


8. Especially with smaller breeds of kittens, there is always a  chance that stress will cause the kitten’s sugar to drop to dangerous  levels. It is the responsibility of the new owner to be very observant  regarding the kitten’s sugar level, to be aware of action that needs to  be taken if this condition does occur. The new owner should be cautious  to make sure that this condition doesn’t affect the kitten, and the  breeder cannot be responsible for issues that are a result of neglect of  this condition.


9. The new owner is aware of past medical history of this kitten and  accepts it. The new owner is responsible for obtaining veterinary advice  when needed, and for paying for those services. From the time the  kitten leaves the possession of the breeder, the purchaser assumes all  responsibility of vet bills, and for the care of said kitten. If for any  reason the kitten dies, before 3months health assurance the breeder has the right to demand and order  an autopsy on the cat at the purchaser’s expense . If the death is the  breeder’s fault which is found as a result of original lab results from a  licensed veterinarian, the kitten will be replaced by the breeder.


10. If a kitten is to be replaced, the breeder will provide a healthy  kitten of the same quality as the previous kitten as soon as one is  available. The new owner will be responsible for all shipping charges  for the first kitten to be returned to the breeder and for the charges  for the second kitten to be shipped to them as well. If the purchaser  chooses not to accept a replacement kitten, the health guarantee is null  and void.


11. We work closely with our vets to ensure the health of our  kittens. They have been administered all of the shots and de-wormings  that are indicated on our shot records. Our shots are administered by  the breeder under the vet recommended immunization program. We will only  indicate the shots that your kitten has had. Please be aware that they  have had these shots, and continue to administer shots as recommended by  your veterinarian. Giving too many immunizations, and ignoring the  immunizations that have been given can also be harmful to your kitten’s  health.


12. Our kittens will have a health certificate from a licensed  veterinarian before they leave, and will be vet checked. Although we do  everything we can to ensure the health of our kittens, our health  guarantee does not apply to “kennel cough”, coccidia, diarrhea,  collapsed trachea, giardia, open fontanel, or parasites.

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